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Rabies Clinic to Be Held in South Hero

The South Hero Volunteer Fire Department will again sponsor a Rabies Clinic on Sunday March 26th from 12-2 pm. Please bring your cats and dogs for their rabies shot. The cost of the rabies shot is $10.00. The clinic will be held in the Fire Station in South Hero. You are also able to renew your dog license for South Hero and Grand Isle at the Rabies Clinic. Dog licenses are due in Grand Isle and South Hero by April 1st.


In addition, both South Hero Volunteer Fire Department Auxiliary and Grand Isle Volunteer Fire Department Auxiliary will be selling Support your Fire Department T-shirts for $10.


If you have any questions, please check our website at

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The Town of Grand Isle has the following volunteer appointed positions open. The positions are for 1 year appointments and will be filled at the Monday, March 20, 2017 Selectboard meeting taking place at 7pm at the Town office. Interested persons please submit a letter of interest by either mailing or dropping off at the Town Office which must be received by 5pm on Monday, March 20th or send your letter of interest to Selectman Adam White at If you have any questions please email Selectman Adam White.


Weigher of Coal:

Upon request of the seller or purchaser, he or she shall weigh all coal sold in his or her town.



The poundkeeper shall supply such animal with food and drink while in the pound, and such keeper shall be liable to pay the owner of such animal damages occasioned by neglecting so to do.


Fence Viewer:

On request, the fence viewers, or a majority of them, shall examine fences within the town and a division shall be made by them in cases proper for them to determine. If a fence viewer neglects to perform the duties required of him or her, he or she shall forfeit to the party aggrieved $5.00, with costs to be recovered in an action of tort on this statute. Either party may appeal from the decision of the fence viewers to a district or superior court if such appeal is claimed within two hours from the rendition of the decision.


Inspector of Lumber, Shingles and Wood:

At the request of any party interested, an inspector of lumber, shingles, and wood shall examine and classify the quality of lumber and shingles, measure lumber, shingles, and wood, and give certificates thereof.


Tree Warden:

The tree warden has broad authority to oversee trees on public property by developing a preservation plan for trees and by planting, maintaining, pruning and removing trees. Trees may be maintained for shade or ornamental purposes and may be pruned,

removed or treated for the sake of the tree or for public safety reasons. The tree warden should work with abutting landowners to control insect pests or tree diseases. He or she may consult with the Commissioner of Agriculture concerning serious infestations or disease and follow the Commissioner’s recommendations for controlling the problem, even to the extent of treating trees on private property. 24 V.S.A. §§ 2504, 2511. He or she is authorized to enforce all laws applicable to public shade trees and to prescribe rules and regulations concerning trees. 24 V.S.A. § 2506. Funding for a tree program may come from the town, and financial or other agreements may be made with abutting landowners, other government agencies or private entities for the purpose of caring for shade trees. 24 V.S.A. §§ 2503, 2507.

Public shade trees, especially in the residential part of a town, may not be cut or removed

without permission from the tree warden and/or a public hearing unless the tree I infested, diseased or a safety hazard. The decision of the tree warden is final unless he or she is an interested party, in which case the final authority is with the legislative body. Penalties for unauthorized damage to a public shade tree range from $50 to $500 per tree. 24 V.S.A. § 2510.In addition, there could be criminal charges under 13 V.S.A. § 3606.


Emergency Management Coordinator:

The emergency management coordinator is an essential part of the state’s emergency management effort and is responsible for the organization, administration, and operation of the local emergency management in the town or city. The emergency management director is under the direct control of the selectboard.

The emergency management coordinator should coordinate his or her efforts with the Vermont Department of Public Safety’s Division of Emergency Management and Homeland Security (DEMHS) and the district emergency management coordinators, and will work with local emergency personnel including police, fire, EMTs, and the selectboard. 20 V.S.A. §§ 5, 6.


Northwest Regional Planning Commission:

The Town appoints two representatives to service of the Board of Commissioners which meet the last Wednesday of the month at 7pm in either Swanton or St. Albans. For a full description of what the NRPC does please go to their website at


Northwest Solid Waste District:

The Town appoints 1 representative to the Board of Supervisors which meets the first Wednesday of the month at 6:30pm in Georgia, For a full description of what the NWSWD does please go to their website at


Town Service Officer:

Trustees; appointment over absent person’s estate

(a) In the case of an absent person, the probate division of the superior court shall appoint one or more trustees of the absent person’s estate on application by petition, the appointment to take precedence and apply to all property belonging to such absent person wherever the same may be located.

(b) A petition to appoint one or more trustees of an absent person’s estate shall be made by:

(1) One or more of his or her nearest relatives; or

(2) The executor or administrator aforesaid; or

(3) The town service officer of the town where the absent person had a last known domicile in the state, or in case he or she had no domicile in the state, then where his or her property or any portion thereof