These are the results from the 2016 survey done by the Friends of the Grand Isle,Library.

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Summary of responses to Question 10, asking for any comments to improve the library and how to move forward with a new library.

Location.  Many people commented that they would support the library regardless of where it was but felt that it would be financially prudent to combine with South Hero (14 respondents); combine with  the Town Office complex (6 respondents);  combine with the school library, or be located in the school (3 respondents). They stated that the combination would be larger, have more resources for children’s, general circulation, audio and reference books, and more programs and resources. Four people were in favor of retaining the current library.  Some specific comments:  “The current library is very limited.” “Towns should work together.”        “I strongly support the South Hero option.”  “Grand isle and South Hero should work together.” “I would need a ride [to South Hero].” “I prefer to keep our own.”

Services.   Five people singled out the skill and professionalism of the librarian. A meeting room was mentioned by three people and came up in answers to other questions. Other recommendations were more hours, more access to audio and ebooks, different times for children’s programs, classes (for examples in computer skills, art, and legislative actions), expanded selection of genres such as carpentry and history, and a snackbar.  The need for more space for special collections and more books was mentioned here as well.

Alternate opinions.  Although mentioned by only a few individuals, the following comments should be considered:  “The library is too costly.”            “I would like to know the total cost per person of having a library.” “Libraries are a thing of the past.” “We can use the libraries in Chittenden County.” “I suspect a small percentage of residents use the library.”

Miscellaneous responses.  “I don’t know if pooling resources is good or bad or what the benefits and drawbacks are so I can’t make an informed decision.” “It doesn’t make sense for two small communities to have two libraries.”  “There have been significant differences of opinion on many issues in the community for a long time. We must move forward with vision, temperance, and openness.”