Recreation Committee

Two Grand Isle Town Recreation Committee Vacancies: The Grand Isle Town Recreation Committee has expanded the committee’s membership from five to seven members.

The GI Town Recreation Committee meets once a month in the evenings to plan and implement recreational programs for community members of all ages, oversee Donaldson Park development and pursue funding opportunities. 

Wrenegade Sports will be hosting a Farm to Fork Fondo bicycle event on September 7, 2020.  This will be a scaled-down version of rides in the past and should not interrupt traffic flow.  Please be aware of riders on the roads of Grand Isle on that day.  
For a map of the ride, please go to: 

Any neighbors who are interested in joining! 

**YOGI Little League Registration Form**
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Amy L Thompson – Committee Chair & Sports Programs
Kate O’Neill – Secretary
Jaime Short – Committee Employee
David Graham – Donaldson Park Maintenance & Design
Eoana Sturges – Grants
Laura Johnson – Event Coordinator
Erin Prouty – Event Coordinator



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