Town Clerk

Melissa A. Boutin – Town Clerk/Treasurer

Linda Effel – Assistant Town Clerk/Treasurer

Suzanne Moquin – Assistant Town Clerk/Treasurer

    • The Town Clerk is responsible for recording and maintaining land records, deeds and mortgages, property transfer returns reporting property sales, maps, and other records.
    • Dogs six months of age or older must be registered by April 1st of each year by bringing the animal’s latest rabies certificate and a spaying/neutering certificate to the Town Clerk’s Office.  The cost is $10 for neutered/spayed animals and $15 for non neutered/spayed dogs.  There is a fee increase after April 1st. 
    • Grand Isle has a dog ordinance which can be found here:  2017 Animal Control Ordinance
    • Animal Control Officers are Todd Boutin (802-578-0774) or Jim Benson (802-238-3246).
    • Property taxes are payable in three installments due October 31st, January 31st and April 30th of each year.
    • Interest is assessed at 1% per month after the installment date.  An additional 8% penalty is assessed after the April 30th installment date on unpaid balances.
    • Property tax payments are accepted by credit card or electronic check!  With this option, the user pays all associated fees which are 3% on total amount paid for each credit/debit card payment or $1.50 processing fee for each ACH/E*check payment.  Please verify total charge before confirming payment.  THIS LINK GOES TO A SECURE SITE:
    • A drop slot is available in the front door for your convenience when the Town Office is closed or when the due date falls on a weekend. 
    • If you would like a receipt for your payment, please include a note with your payment.  
    • Payments postmarked prior to or on the due date are considered timely payments. 
    • The Town Office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.  In addition, the Town Office is open Tuesday evenings from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. and Saturday from 10:00 a.m. till 12:00 noon.  These hours may change around holiday weekends. 
    • One original and one copy of property tax bills are mailed each year to property owners, generally in mid-September.  Tax bills are not sent to escrow companies.  It is the responsibility of the property owner to forward the extra enclosed copy of the tax bill to their escrow company.  
    • If property owners escrow their taxes and are due a credit, the property owners are responsible to alert the mortgage company as soon as possible.  
    • The State of Vermont issues HS-122 credit letters for qualified property owners.  If an HS-122 credit from the State is received by the Town, it will be divided and subtracted evenly over the three installments.  Property owners are advised to verify the credit amount  from the State matches the State payment amount shown on the property tax bill. 
    • There are currently two notaries available during normal business hours.  Be prepared to provide proof of identity.
    • Only registrations up to 60 days past the expiration date may be renewed at the Grand Isle Town Office.  Many DMV forms are available online by visiting
    • The fee for a Certified Record is $10.00 per page.  
    • The Town Clerk maintains records of Birth, Deaths, and Marriage Licenses.  
    • Visit for more information on Vital Records.
  • VOTING: 
    • The annual Town and School Meeting information session is held at the Grand Isle School on U.S. Route 2 on the Monday prior to voting which occurs the first Tuesday in March at the Town Office at 9 Hyde Road. 
    • Other state and federal elections are also held at the Grand Isle Town Office.  
    • Check election information for date, time and place.